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Why is Extra Clean your best choice?
Hello, we are Michael and Carly Baker, the owners and operators of Extra Clean Inc. We are year round residents that truly love Nantucket and work hard to be a part of the growth and upkeep of the island. You will most likely see one or both of us at your home or job, as we personally oversee each and every job. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of home owners and property managers by providing premium service and outstanding results. By having one-on-one contact, you can have peace of mind that the job will be done right and your property will be treated with respect while the work is performed.

 Extra Clean carries full Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation. Certificates are available upon request.
Industry Affiliations
Extra Clean is a proud member of the New England Institute of Restoration & Cleaning (NEIRC), the Association of United Window Cleaners (AUWC), and the International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA).

We are certified Wood Restoration Specialist, as well as Roof Safety Certified. These certifications are through PWNA (Power Washers of North America) We use safety harnesses and tie offs to ensure safe work practices, and are constantly updating ourselves on the safest ways to do things. 

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Window Cleaning Services

The job most of you know us by! We will go through and do a thorough cleaning to help guard and protect your windows against salt pitting. We will set the storm windows to their summer position and ensure they are perfect for those beautiful summer views. This process helps safeguard the windows during the coming months against the salt and sand that blows around the island. This leaves the windows more functional and beautiful. 

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Scraping, Cedar Wash & Power Washing

This is a process that can be done to any piece of wood on your home or business. Including but not limited to decks, outdoor furniture, roofs, exterior walls, widows walks etc. We have a different technique than most people on island that really makes us standout. Because of this process you may not need to power wash, scraping and cedar wash may be enough to restore the wood to its natural luster. If you would like a full explanation to see what a difference this process can make, please email me, and I will be more than happy to send you that information. I have attached pictures of our work on island above. This process especially on your roof, can save you the enormous cost of replacing a roof due to mold, lichen and fungus overtaking it. As well as making it look new and beautiful. 


Gutter Cleaning with the option of Linseed Oil

Gutters are often overlooked. Throughout the year they collect airborne debris, clogging the downspouts and not allowing proper drainage. This excess water can slowly make its way into the home and cause major damage. It will also rot out the wood, not only in the gutters but on the side of your home. We will clean out all of the debris and inspect for proper drainage. Upon request we will apply a thick coat of linseed oil to the interior of the gutter. This preserves the wood and increases the longevity. This is typically a low cost service, and is essential for a well-cared home.



Soft Washing Services

This is one of our favorite services! We start off with painted trim, or the side of a house/building, that has now become filthy with green, black and brown mold, dirt and debris. After a short time and a lot of elbow grease, it looks amazing. It looks like it got a fresh coat of paint with a fraction of the cost. We will scrub all of the painted trim, decking, walls, and stairs on your home. With very little cost and time, it looks like new! This service not only looks amazing it preserves your paint. It's like a car wash for your home, it removes the salt, sand, mud, mold and debris.

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