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Hello, we are Michael and Carly Baker, the owners and operators of Extra Clean Inc. We are year round residents that truly love Nantucket and work hard to be a part of the growth and upkeep of the island. You will most likely see one or both of us at your home or job, as we personally oversee each and every job. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of home owners and property managers by providing premium service and outstanding results. By having one-on-one contact, you can have peace of mind that the job will be done right and your property will be treated with respect while the work is performed. We look forward to working with you. You may also see our very lovable pup Huck, riding up to the job with us. Extra Clean carries full Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation. Certificates are available upon request.
Industry Affiliations
Extra Clean is a proud member of the New England Institute of Restoration & Cleaning (NEIRC), the Association of United Window Cleaners (AUWC), and the International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA).

We are certified Wood Restoration Specialist, as well as Roof Safety Certified. These certifications are through PWNA (Power Washers of North America) We use safety harnesses and tie offs to ensure safe work practices, and are constantly updating ourselves on the safest ways to do things. 


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Window Cleaning Services


⦁    Interior/exterior cleaning of all glass surfaces
⦁    Windows, doors, skylights included
⦁    Storm windows removed/cleaned/reinstalled
⦁    Sills vacuumed and wiped
⦁    Screen cleaning and repair
⦁    Interior/exterior light fixture cleaning
⦁    Cleaning. Restoration. Preservation.
Premium service and outstanding results

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Power Washing Services


 A brief overview of our standard process:
We scrape all the lichen off of the surfaces to be cleaned. We will then treat it all with a cleaner specifically designed to remove stains, mold and fungi off of the wood. It is an Eco safe product, so it will not harm your landscaping or the delicate ecosystem of the island. 

After that we will go through and do a light pressure power washing to all of the treated areas. The power washing will restore the wood to its natural luster, making the area look new. The key to our entire process is the light pressure, it will not destroy the wood fibers in the cleaning process. This lengthens the life of the different surfaces. 

If we pressure washed your deck, teak furniture, or dock, we will then put a coat of Wolmans RainCoat on it. This will seal the surface and protect the wood for the future. It's a clear coat so it will not alter the color of the wood.

Power washing is essential to our beautiful homes on the Island. They are made of cedar, our gutters, decks, furniture, roofs, and siding, all wood surfaces. So it is our job to protect and preserve them. By pressure washing before the problem progresses to a destructive point, we preserve the wood and ensure that it will have a long life. By maintaining our wood surfaces, we save ourselves the extreme cost of replacing them.

There can be numerous reasons why you need your roof power washed: Are you planning on cleaning your roof in order to increase your curb appeal and sustain it? Has your insurance company threatened to cancel on you if you don’t clean your roof? Or perhaps you know what the algae growth on your house does and you want to have it properly treated before it’s too late.

These are all important reasons, but no matter your reason, we are here to help! We have a history of great results and happy customers, and would be happy to provide you with a referral. 
Any of the services listed above are available from Extra Clean. With a brief consultation, we can customize our power-washing services to best meet your needs.


Gutter Cleaning Services


 Maintaining your home’s gutter system is a vital part to its overall
health. Since it’s out of sight, it’s usually out of the average
homeowner’s mind. Rain gutters and downspouts are designed to catch and
divert rainwater away from your homes foundation. Every year, thousands
of people struggle with storm water intruding into their homes costing
thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage along with emergency
extraction and restoration procedures. Wood gutters can prove to be extremely problematic if not maintained. They will rot, and then rot the side of your home with it. So when it comes time to fix your gutters you will also be doing major damage control to your home. 

But by having us do a simple cleaning and checking the drainage we can prevent all of the problems. We also like to treat all wood gutters with linseed oil. This is done after the cleaning and lubricates and protects the wood, from water, ice and snow.



Soft Washing Services


This is one of our favorite services! We start off with painted trim, or the side of a house, that has now become filthy with green, black and brown mold, dirt and debris. After a short time and a lot of elbow grease, it looks amazing. It looks like your home got a fresh coat of paint with a fraction of the cost. We will scrub all of the painted trim, decking, walls, and stairs on your home. With very little cost and time, it looks like new. This service not only looks amazing it preserves your paint. It's like a car wash for your home, it removes the salt, sand, mud, mold and debris. 

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