Our Respect for Your Privacy

We take your trust very seriously. For that reason, we will not share, sell, or divulge any information which you share with us via this Web site. All submissions will be used exclusively for the purpose of providing services. No unethical actions will be tolerated on the part of Extra Clean, Inc. or its agents. However, the security and confidentiality of information transmitted across the Internet cannot be guaranteed.

As our work involves entering the homes and businesses of our clients, we train and supervise our staff to observe the highest level of decorum and discretion at all times. If concerns arise regarding the way our services may impact your activities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to the complete satisfaction of all of our clients.

It is expected that clients who wish to safeguard sensitive information will take reasonable steps to secure such data while our staff are on-site, such as turning off or obscuring computer monitors or covering sensitive printed material, so that no inadvertent disclosures occur. Further, during consultation it is anticipated that any off-limits areas of the work site will be clearly identified. In this way, privacy and security will be given first priority, and the desired services may be provided without negative impact.

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